A journey of human being through space, time and between the human sexes…

Postmodern nomads take their place on the pedestal. Charming warriors, restless protagonists of an existential legend. Lonely companions in the ultimate voyage.

Sometimes melodramatic, but always a showman. Dimitris Dassios builts on the eternal journey through moulage, while on the same time he directs the emotional jumble: love, anger, grief, happiness.
A multidimensional role for the one who jumps into rich textures: Elizabethan volant, crispy coins, endless folds.

With accuracy and penetration, the portraits of Vangelis Kyris do not ever “stop” but “add” time into space. His lens, a magical kaleidoscope of beautiful faces that lived in the past, operate today and will be tomorrow.

A lace that covers the skin can “reveal” the soul. Alive velvet, linen and silk, worn denim. 
For “him” who might be “her”.
The power within the freedom of movement when somebody breaks the tight borderlines. Fashion codes that doesn’t have to brake but to cover the body.
Just a ckick.
This, that a human being anticipates to live.

Elis Kiss

Evripides art gallery
Iraklitou 10 & Skoufa, Kolonaki, 106 73 Athens| Τ: 210 36 15 909, 210 36 15 249