As a member of the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association, Dimitris Dassios started to present his costume jewellery creations in private catwalk shows since 2005.

In 2006, the world famous Maria Louisa Poumalliou bought the entire collection of Dassios jewellery for her homonymous boutiques in Paris and Qatar.

In 2007, Dimitris Dassios presented on catwalk a unique denim jacket collection that meant to be a milestone in his career in fashion.


The same collection was presented in Milan and Paris in various showrooms and International Fashion Shows.


Influential fashion boutiques like:
Gio Moretti, Biffi, Luisa via Roma, L’ eclaireur, Henri Bandel, Vakko , as well as many other high end fashion stores around the world bought the dassios denim collection so as to present a new approach to their clientele.

Armand Hadida, the owner of L’ eclaireur boutiques and TRANOI fashion Show, bought the collection of dassios denims when he attended to the designer’s catwalk show “I Arta ke ta Yiannena” that left an unforgettable memory to all attendees.


From that moment, the dassios denim jackets started to record a course towards success.


Soon, and by constant presentation in the fashion trade fairs, the dassios denim line created a trend in the ethnic approach of design for many designers to follow.

Haute Couture moulage is mainly used by the designer in which the fabric is sculpted directly on his mannequin through its manipulation with pins and a pair of scissors.


Draping the fabrics, by giving them geometrical shapes, along with the application of unique and handmade decoration elements, the designer brings a highly desired identity in each design making it one-of-a-kind.


After creating all samples by himself, the designer teaches his team how to reproduce them in sizes, as draping does not follow the usual pret-a-porter pattern cuttings. In this form all dassios designs become unique pieces of art.

Attention to detail

Original designs

Authentic, handmade embroideries

Brand Philosophy

Dassios brand is the outcome of travels, senses and emotions.

Inspired by the Greek tradition, as well as the cultures of other civilizations, Dassios combines in his designs authentic antique embroideries, ethnic applications and unique fabrics, all handmade with the traditional techniques that various artisans use even nowadays.

Denim Line:
Dassios denims, very often described as legendary “must- have” items, belong in the best- seller category of the brand and remain a line that has established the designer ever since his debut in fashion.

Military designs, have elaborated all dassios lines (premium, theros and uomo) with commercial items worn by both men and women in a daily basis and every occasion.

Oriental or baroque, sophisticated or ancient Greek, glamorous or romantic, contemporary or traditional, whichever the style in each collection, the Dassios kaftan creations always combine a sense of art with sensual orientalism and soul expression of fine tailoring.

Fitted or slightly loose, with hand-woven silk, linen or cotton fabrics and always by draping the fabric onto the tailor’s mannequin, the dassios dresses epitomize the style of elegance and encourage feminine sensuality as an everyday attitude.

Robes and Ponchos:
Indian sari, Russian or Anatolian linen, Greek cotton, no matter the origin of the fabric, all of them carefully hand-woven with the traditional loom methods and inline to ethical codes of sustainability, they are transformed into unique creations giving emphasis to a state of liberty in today’s life style.


dassios THEROS
In 2018, Dimitris Dassios launched the 2nd line of the brand, dassios THEROS, under the same concept, but with a more commercial and economic approach for the dynamic market of today.

dassios UOMO
In 2019, Dimitris Dassios expanded the barnd’s collections into a men’s line, of hamdmade overcoats, jackets, denims and military wear.

The dassios world is not just a way of life, but a life full of emotions and passionate affections for nature, animals and the urban environment, that is necessary to be surrounded by art in every form.

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